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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Those Options from Friday's Rant...

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Guess what...

Buying those QQQ 36 October puts (instrument code QQQ VJ) ten minutes after the open: could have got them for $25 - ($30 if they were bought at the offer... never do that).
They closed at $35 and traded $40 intraday.
For the moment let's call the entry price $30 - assuming the entry was at the higher of the bid and ask at 11:40 p.m. our time.
I was too fast asleep to take my own advice - see what happens when access to amphetamines is curtailed?
By my reckoning QQQVJ ought to end up at about $150 apiece before expiration... that is, the QQQs ought to close at or below 34.50 before the 15th.
Of course this is not and was not "investment advice"... it was an example of what I would do (if I managed to stay awake).
The reason there was no morning Rant this a.m. was because Telstra's commitment to "regional and rural Australia" is a farce... and as a result I had no internet connection.