Interdum stultus opportuna loquitur...

Saturday, November 20, 2004


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After flooding the area with "fliers" and getting a couple of telephone calls, The Lovely and I (acting on information from local intelligence services) went looking again for our missing catsie.

Something compelled me (again, I'm not kidding) to get into the car and drive to a large grain silo (where we had already searched previously, to no avail - and to which our intelligence-gathering had not pointed). I had a feeling of absolute certainty that we would find a different catsie that has been missing for several months, presmued lost.

After several seconds of embarrassing falsetto "Puss-puss-puss... catsie-cat", the plaintive "yiaow" came from inside the grain storage facillity (which may actually be referred to as "a cleverly camouflaged chemical weapons dump" in a future UN presentation by the United States - if they decide they want Australia's uranium).

It wasn't the catsie that my "vibe" said it was (the still-absent Bootsie: it was the beloved Nackanigh.

So my voodoo curse against Greenspan will have to wait - Gold could crater and the S&P could climb to Nasdaq-like extremes, for all I care... I've got my Nackanigh back! (I promise to resume caring by Monday).

He has lost an awful amount of weight, but is bright eyed and obviously happy to be back.