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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Phantom Fury... the Phantom Menace

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Just a short note about the Orwellian use of language that we are all being inured to...

See this picture? It is a satellite photo of Fallujah.

This is not a "rebel stronghold" or an "insurgent base" or whatever other garbage the media try to pass it off as. It is a city of 300,000 people. The estimates of the "insurgents" in Fallujah? Less than 5,000.

Speaking of Orwellina nomenclature - "Insurgents". Someone enlighten me as to why they're not "rebels" or "anti-invasion forces"? History is prepared to honour Paul Revere and George Washington as "rebels" against England's George III. Of course the English caleld them... wait for it... terrorists.

Just as the forces of Simeon Bar Kochba were referred to as "lestai" (bandits/brigands) by the Romans.

300,000 - roughly the same population as

  • Birmingham, Alabama;
  • Tampa, Florida; or
  • Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse, New York

How do you think the populations of those cities would respond to artillery barrages? more to the point, how do you think the rest of the state would respond?