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Friday, January 07, 2005

USRant: Today's US Economic Data

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Today's quite a data-rich session, and there's a lot riding on the numbers in the Payrolls report, which is the first cab off the rank.

Despite the "smooting of troubled waters" attempted by the BLS yesterday with regard to the New Jobless Claims blowout, it appears that the New Jobless numbers have coloured expectations for tonights numbers.

It sounds tautological (or even oxymoronic, or maybe just moronic), but the market now expects the data to perhaps come in below expectations.

Now, don't get me started on how you can "expect" something to be below expectations... surely if that happens, it just means you've revised your expectations downwards?

Economic Releases For January 7th
TimeDataPeriodConsensusPrevious data
8:30 a.m.Non-Farm PayrollsDec-04175k112k
Unemployment rateDec-045.4%5.4%
Avg Hourly EarningsDec-04+0.27%+0.1%
Avg Work WeekDec-0433.8 hrs33.7 hrs
9:40 a.m.ECRI InflationDec-04-na-118.6
10:30 a.m.ECRI Weekly Indexw/e 12/31-na-133.5
3:00 p.m.Consumer CreditNov-04+$6.0 bln+$7.7 bln