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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

GovRant: Crooks & Liars...

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With the revelations of the Downing Street Memo barely registering in the Australian media (bear in mind that our troops are also engaged in the commission of the 'ultimate crime of waging aggressive war'), it is worth asking why.

Goebbels had a lot to say about the media - in his lexicon it's just a keyboard for government.

Likewise, he pointed out that propaganda should appeal to the masses rather than the intelligentsia, and to emotions rather than facts. And of course he is the father of the Big Lie version of propaganda.

I have little time for politicians of any stripe - I would prefer it if we had mandatory execution of any teenager who showed a proclivity for political party membership. (Think of the lives saved and the trillions of dollars saved as a result of killing a few teenage would-be megalomaniacs).

But as near as I can come to admiration for a politician, I reserve for the likes of George Galloway, who is currently the victim of a rehashed smear campaign (replete with Niger-like faked documents), being led by a half-wit Senator (Coleman).

His response is pure William Wallace. You can listen to it here, and watch it on video here.