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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Greenspan I Can Love...

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Those who have read my blatherings for the last half-decade (and more - I started dissing Greenspan in 1998 when he joined the Y2K Chicken Little Cult) will know that to me "Greenspan" was like "Newman" to Jerry Seinfeld.

Worse... it was like Hogan to Colonel Klink (a big "Hell Yeah" to The Rude One for reminding me of "Hogan's Heroes" in today's RudePundit).

I view Alan Greenspan as a failure - academically, professionally, and even as a central wanker. He is, as they say in the classics, a git.

But all is not lost; there is a wiser Greenspan. My intel does not detail whether he is related to the Fed Chairman - both appear to be from Brooklyn, but Greenspan the Wiser managed to make a genuine fist of a private-sector job until his retirement in 1995 ... oddly, both were born in 1926... surely not twins?

A little slice of Greenspan the Wise's output can be seen at this link to Swans; His latest comment is here, and I also recommend this excellent piece.

As you can see, Philip Greenspan's work just in the last few months dwarfs anything that the Fed wanker has produced since 1966.

From now on - in deference to Philip Greenspan - I feel obliged to introduce a sharp distinction whenever I decide to waffle about any old Greenspan... I will revert to my prior habit of referring to the Fed wanker as Greenstain, Brownstain, Greensplatt, Blaufarb... anything to prevent confusion with an older, wiser, more-able-to-make-a-living-in-the-private-sector Greenspan.

Even the 'better Greenspan's given name is better: Philip is a contraction of the Greek for "lover of horses".