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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Just A Test... For The Moment...

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I've set up a groovy little gizmo that yanks the ASX 'Price-Sensitive' Announcements and sticks them in a table. For RantBlog readers these will be accessible shortly after the close of each day; RantPro folks will be able to do tailored searches (by Announcement Type and Stock Code).

If I can figure out how to do it, Pro folks wil also be able to get the headlines and links e-mailed intraday for selected stocks. (Hint: I'm pretty smart - figuring out how is already half-done).

Once I find a reliable conversion mechanism from stupid arsing bastard shitful PDF to righteous text, I will also start extracting precis-style snippets; if the stock is in the Rant-Universe (the top 300, plus any stocks nominated by Annual Ranters) I will start providing a wee synopsis. Nothing too extensive, mind - just a 'first cut' view.

So knock yerselves out - use the links below...

Today's ASX 'Sensitive' Announcements

Yesterday's ASX 'Sensitive' Announcements