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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

ChartRant: Check Out The RantCharts...

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This afternoon I mentioned that I was trying to get a client-side image map to work in my little RantCharts thingo that I've built. It worked, and after wrestling for TWO HOURS to get rid of a display oddity (turns out that it was caused by Internet Explorer, not by my coding), the 'freebie' version of my RantCharts for Commodities is now there to be played with (I did the work on the Commodities chart because that's what I look at most often.

It's at Commodity RantCharts - and a more customisable version will be a part of the upcoming Investment Syncretics site (which, for commodities will also include Contango charts and Commitment of Traders charts).

Once I've ported across the code-blocks that do the 'snazzy' stuff (the DHTML tooltips that appear when you hover over each bar, for example - they're pretty neat!!), you will notice that the Australian Equities RantCharts and Australian Index RantCharts will cease to look so spartan.

The only things that these "freebie" versions won't include, are

  • customisability (e.g., choice of indicators and their parameters);
  • Intraday Charts;
  • market scanners;
  • option lists; and
  • a few other bits and pieces.

At some stage I will remove the (redundant) Volume area from the Index RantCharts, but it's not that big an issue, I don't reckon.

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