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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

DeathRant: More On Mr Menezes...

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Lee Ruston, 32, who was on the platform, said that he did not hear any of the three shout “police” or anything like it. Mr Ruston, a construction company director, said that he saw two of the officers put on their blue baseball caps marked “police” but that the frightened electrician could not have seen that happen because he had his back to the officers and was running with his head down.
Mr Ruston remembers one of the Scotland Yard team screaming into a radio as they were running. Mr Ruston thought the man that they were chasing “looked Asian” as he tumbled on to a waiting Northern Line train.
Less than a minute later Mr Menezes was pinned to the floor of the carriage by two men while a third officer fired five shots into the base of his skull.
Again, Mr Ruston says that no verbal warning was given. [my emphasis]

These guys had been following the victim for half an hour - onto and off a bus - and then simply killed him. All the bullshit about the police having identified themselves is now leaking like a seive... sounding more and more like the typical government ex post facto spin that we have now become so used to. Whether it's the WMD scam, the 45 minutes lie, the "gassed his own people" falderol... at least now it's a bit balder... "our government expects to kill our own innocent people as a result of reaction to our history of meddling in the Middle East".

And then Bob Carr tells us that our civil liberties are "trumped" by his requirement for safety. How typical of a shitbag politician - don't change the policy that caused the 4G response ... simply stifle dissent. Trot out some poor imam who has difficulty with English and castigate him about making a perfectly valid point (that bin Laden denied responsibility for 911).

I refuse to call $g acts "terrorism" - they are no different from the acts of the Founders of the US. Terrorism is when you drop 2000lb bombs on a city full of children and then snipe at ambulances.

Now, let's examine the doctrine of self defence. It is based on a 'reasonable person' test: would a 'reasonable person' feel under threat of death or grievous bodily harm if they were brown-skinned and in the presence of an armed policeman? If so, they may - in law - take any and all actions, including the use of lethal force, to make the perceived threat go away. That's also called "blowback". Welcome to the Wild West