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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

BHPRant: It's Stuck In My Craw...

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No, not my craw, my craw.

Ahhhh... is there anything better than a Chinese stereotype delivered by Don Adams?

But back to BHP's delcaration of war against my sensibilities....

At balance date (when BHP decided that it would provide GBP based financials to the LSE, and USD financials to the ASX), there were about A$45billion in BHP shares held by Australian residents. Next closest in dollar value were the Poms, with just under one sixth of that value held in GBP. Where did the USD-holders of BHP shares rank? Below the South Africans, if my memory serves.

This really rankles - and although it's literally a five minute job to fix it (convert the database fields from USD to AUD using the prevailing rate as at balance date), I'm tempted to just ditch BHP from the database altogether.

Nah... that would deprive me of the greatest joy in the world - watching an overpriced stock fall after you declare it's worth less than its trading price. It won't be long now... if the voices in my head are correct, BHP is on the wrong side of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which is like having God's Boss mad at you. They're doomed now.