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Friday, August 19, 2005

CensorRant: Yes, I Deleted A Comment...

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I have always declared that posters are completely free to make any comment to any post in RantWorld - that I take a 'benign neglect' view, stemming from a principle that there are no bad ideas (that doesn't mean there are no WRONG ideas, of course).

And yet today you will notice that I deleted a comment posted to one of the Rants.

The reason is simple - it was SPAM... an auto-posted 'RampRant' about some or other micro-cap US stock in which the poster was almost certainly already long. that is something I will never be a party to; any time I see them, I will delete posts like that.

So in this forum you can deny the Holocaust if you like... declare that George Bush is an Annunaki hybrid... present a 'terra nulius' argument for Palestine... defend Israel's defiance of 120-odd Security Council resolutions... say that Kennedy is alvie and shares an apartment in Moscow with Elvis. I don't give a crap about ideas... just don't use the space to tout stocks you're already in.

I am going to investigate whether or not I can EDIT these RampRants and reforward them (to the entire send list)... if I can it will be hilarious.