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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

SleepRant: Oil Getting Stomped...

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In my lament about losing Friday's USRant, I mentioned that the lost fragment of 'sofia' had included... of how Da Boyz are going to gut new oil longs next week... (i.e., oil will probably finishe next week under $60).

Oil got a pop upwards on Monday, but from there it's been a caning for the sorts of stupid bastards who think that stories about high gas prices on CNBC are an indicator to BUY Crude...not for Rant-ites though.

$60 might be a little way too far below (it's Wednesday afternoon already), but you've got to admit it was a kick-ass call, direction-wise... every opportunity to get set, a little pop for a nice entry... it jsut had everything.

Oh - and the S&P has bounced (of course) - but it has still not risen enough to yield profits on a long trade from the first of yesterday's three divergences.

What do you mean, sleep? I've tried bloody near everything - I'm almost to the point where I will consider exercise.

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