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Thursday, August 18, 2005

WarRant: Free Advice...

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I want to start a domestic version of the global movement which is gaining traction recently - putting pressure on political leaders (and other supporters of the Thanatocracy) to put their flabby arses on the line if they support the idea of foreign intervention

Next time you get in an argument with a pro-war dunce (and they have to be a dunce - there is simply no alternative explanation for any pro-war view, ever), point out to them that bumper stickers and bullshit don't cut it: if they're so passionate about spreading freedom, sign up for a hitch in the military - 13 1901 or - hell, you've seen the ads.

I am sick to death of flabby-arsed middle-class white guys crapping on about how important it is for us to send our youth to fight Israel's battles. Let them don a uniform or shut the fuck up

If they're too old to put their arse on the line, get their kids to put on the uniform, or... shut the fuck up.

Otherwise, dismiss them as windbags, and make sure you leave them in no doubt that if they're not prepared to fight what they consider to be a righteous cause, they are gutless windbags.

If they are a political 'leader' and they have military age children, draft the children.

Howard has a teenage kid - send the poor bugger to Iraq unless he makes a public pronouncement of Conscientious Objector status. Bush has two daughters - ship them off to Baghdad. Downer's kids? They can guard an oil terminal in Ramadi or Basra. Cheney's daughters, likewise - but they can have Najaf or Fallujah. Blair's lad would look lovely in a uniform, and could make Daddy proud kicking in doors in Karbalah.

The sins of the fathers should be visited on the sons (and daughters) unless those daughters and sons disintermediate themselves from Daddy's War. I don't see why those who make the decisions are indemnified from feeling Cindy Sheehan's pain. In fact, give those who lose a loved one the right to order the public execution of the children of a political leader unless that kid repudiates their father's decisions publicly. It wouldn't happen often, but the risk that it might would give the parasites cause for thought.

We have to start embarrassing pro-war people: making them understand that their faux-bravura is as thin as My Big Book Book of Italian War Heroes, and that they stand accused before the world of cowardice.

White feathers should be distributed - it takes more courage to denounce a war than it takes to commit to it in mind only.

Anybody know where I can get a load of white feathers? I want to send letters to Gerard Henderson, Piers Ackerman and a few political shills-for-war.