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Saturday, September 10, 2005

LibertyRant: Oh... My... God...

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I don't often have much time for cartoonists, exceptfor the guys at Too Stupid To Be President and of course Mark Fiore.

But this cartoon by Steve Bell is perfect. PERFECT, I tell you.

(And of course I have deliberately refrained from saying "I told you so" regarding the newly-announced Australian anto-terror legislation... Liberty is not just floatingface down in the US.

On a weekend where the US Department of 'Defence' is - so reminiscent of Soviet Era parades - organising a "Freedom March" in Washington DC, Jose Padilla sits in a naval brig (now 3 years and 113 days, and counting), having just had the stacked courst system declare that his incarceration - without charge, trial or opportunity to mount a defence - is legal.

These crazed bastards haven't just torn up the Constitution and Bill of Rights - they've pissed on the Magna Carta and wound us back to the 13th century as far as legal protections of citzen from the unchecked power of government is concerned. Outrageous.