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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

TerrorRant: You Would Think....

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Philip "Death Mask On Legs" Ruddock has a close association with the Mossad (his daughter was, shall we say, on 'good terms' with one of their chaps). You would think, then, that he would be able to spot a Mossad video a mile off.

And yet the video aired recently - of Adam Pearlman (son of a famous Californian plastic surgeon) pretending to be a Muslim extremist - seems to have fooled Ruddock... yeah, right.

How many Muslim plastic surgeons do you know of... in California? Twenty cents to the bright spark who identifies Pearlman's ethno-religious background.

Can anyone spell false flag? It's just so frigging obvious, which means it's also obvious that the Government thinks that the vast majority are too sheeplike to notice.

They might be right, but I'm certainly not letting it slide... I call 'bullshit' on Ruddock.