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Monday, November 28, 2005

ServerRant: Issues...

Note - from June 24th 2009, this blog has migrated from Blogger to a self-hosted version. Click here to go straight there.

The RantPRO site is being migrated to a 'more securer' server (and one which will also give me some more flexibility regarding database management). That's why access has been 'spotty' over the weekend and continues to be so today... it's also why there were no Rants on Friday/Saturday - all of the infrastructure to create tables and so forth are stored on the site (and the ASX/GICS Code lists, which update daily, are also generated by cron jobs that are hosted on the site).

Also, I spent Friday putting The Lovely on her plane to Paris, and prior to that I was performing the last-minute running around.

Anyhow - the server hosts tell me that the DNS propagation for the shift to the new server ought to be completed sometime today (US time); that's not a change in hosting, it's just a switch to a higher-capacity, faster-connection, 'more securer' server. Costs a bit more, but now it's worth it.