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Thursday, November 17, 2005


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Democratic Underground Latest Breaking News
Democratic Underground Latest Breaking News
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Flood Insurance Policies Suspended

Reid snaps back at Cheney on Senate floor

WaPo/AP: Top Senate Democrat Concerned About Alito

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Businessman Allegedly Bribed Officials in Iraq (ABC)


Senate tax plan takes aim at oil firms

LAT/AP: Woodward Claim on CIA Leak Disputes (Fitzgerald) Charge

Ford offers new sales incentives (thousands off most new cars, trucks)

United States given a week to cut softwood lumber duties

Discovery of prisoners heartens Iraq's Sunni minority

Top Commander Denounces Call for Iraq Withdrawal Deadline

Documents Show Nixon Deception on Cambodia

Scandinavian authorities investigating CIA overflights and landings

Cheney joins GOP criticism of Democrats

Congress looks at dividing 9th Circuit court

Columnist Robert Scheer Finds New Home at 'SF Chronicle'

More Suspect Yucca Mtn. E-Mails Said Found

Log Cabin Republican Political Director Hired by Planned Parenthood

Iraq Says Abused Detainees From All Sects (Equal Opportunity Torture)

Guardian Unlimited World Latest
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China confirms bird flu in humans

Outcry greets allegations of abuse

FBI names most-wanted

Be more like Taiwan, Bush urges Beijing

Shopkeeper took on Coke - and won

Sarkozy challenges Chirac over race policy

Chilean court refuses to free Fujimori

Alpine valley shuts down for rail protest

British tourists attacked on Inca trail

Swiss briefly seize £500m worth of fine art