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Friday, February 17, 2006

ParisRant XVI: The Photos...

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I mentioned that as soon as I could get a reader for the memory ard from my camera, I would make available some photos. Unfortunately, I have no mechanism by which I can reduce the size or resolution of the images, so they are pretty 'fat' (averaging 250kb), so I have not used 'img' tags below - instead I have used 'a href' tags which will open each image in a new browser window. Note that for some of them I cocked up the date function on the camera - seting the year to 2005 rather than 2006.

I particularly urge you to take a look at the photo of my beautiful right ear - taken from the other side of the table at le Ronsard (our favourite cafe in Montmartre... when you see what's behind me, you will see why it's our fave).

So here goes... I've tried to give it some structure...

Our Bit of the 16th

As I've said before, the 16th is a bit stuffy; lots of lovely buildings, but you get overloaded by it within a couple of days. Still, it's quite pretty...

The End Of Our Street (294k)

Our Front Door (204k)

Our Metro Station - Porte Dauphine(401k)

Sights and Bodyparts

My Beautiful Right Ear (with some churchy-looking thing in the background) (182k)

The Aforementioned "Churchy-looking thing" (Sacre Coeur) (243k)

Some Other Church-Shaped Object (Notre Dame) (348k)

A Monument to Politicians' Vanity (City Hall, Paris) (328k)

Our Permanent Digs - le Vesinet

I think i've mentioned this before, but le Vesinet is the only town in Paris that is also defined as a National Park. The photos below were taken in the winter, but you can imagine how green and lovely it will be when the trees have foliage.

And swans in the little stream than runs near our place... how neat. Sadly, there is a law in France whereby only the King is allowed to eat swans - so I guess that means that when I take over I will have to reinstate the Monarchy.

Our Little Hidey Hole in le Vesinet (374k)

Our Neighbour's Bigger Hidey-Hole (256k)

The Folks Over The Back Fence (or rather, their Castle...) (353k)

Another Neighbour's Shack... (240k)

DUCKIES!!! (460k)

SWANS, too... (368k)

Same swans, different angle (362k)