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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

DeathRant: "Liberators"?

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The rabble who did this - the drone soldiers that everyone wants to call 'hero' - are as much victims as the children in the photographs. First of all, they come disproportionately from 'bad' backgrounds, and as the US gets deeper in the shit the Army and Marines are having to dredge even lower in the barrel and accept convicted felons (they already get almost 30% of their recruitment from people who 'volunteer' for military service in place of having a criminal record).

They are then desensitised and dehumanised during their training, and then sent into a hostile environment and constantly fed material that makes them view the IRaqi people as subhuman.

If you are pro-war, read this piece by Chris Floyd over on Empire Burlesque. Then/ re-cast those images in the face of the now-admitted FACT that the carnage that happened here was the result of people who 'greased' this house DELIBERATELY.

The man who sits atop this whole putrid edifice - George W Bush - is, following the ratio decidendi of Nuremberg, legally culpable for all acts committed during his war. He should be dragged into the Hague, given a trial of the type his Quislings have tried to force on Saddam Hussein, and then executed by 'ordeal'. He should be forced to fight to the death against as many people as it takes until he dies of exhaustion...

Chris Floyd's Item (graphic images)

Note - I almost didn't put the 'graphic images' warning on this - because frankly I think that everyone should HAVE to confront the photo of the 7 month old child with his head blown open. It is ESSENTIAL that bourgeois shitheads like you and me get made to feel GUTTED by this tragic waste of human potential. This child - and almost a million others - would still be alive if Hussein was still in power and the uS had relaxed sanctions. WHO IS THE EVIL ONE?