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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

IndexRant: How Easy Was That?

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Line 'em up, bartender...

To refresh your memory (and to rub it in for those who got sick of reading before getting to the nub of yesterday's post)...

A short term top in the Dow either tonight or tomorrow... short any index you fancy.

A 100 point fall in the Dow (and a 25 point in the Nasdaq and a 13-pointfall in the S&P) isn't exactly rare, but it's not exactly chicken feed, neither. And furthermore, when I wrote that (just before 12:30 a.m. Oz time - an hour before the open of the US day session) the SP futures were at their overnight high (or within a point thereof).

It was one of those "It just came to me, as if in a dream" kind of calls...

if you waited until the day session open to short the SPI, you still made out like an absolute bandit - congratulate yourself for being smart enough to listen to some fat doofus half a planet away.

Speaking of fat doofuses (or doofii perhaps?)... I'm going to have to drop that adjective from my self-description soon. I won't even be able to say "100kg of number crunching terror" anymore - that's my obscure reference to a movie called 'Grizzly' that was out when I was a kid (the tagline was "600lb of bone-crunching terror' or something like that..).

I'm gently caressing the 100kg mark from above, and look like breaking it soon. Not through effort or exercise or diet or anything - probably just 'coz I do loads of walking and 'coz it's generally been pretty cold (here in Paris there was snow again - over an inch during the night - and the day was clear and crisp and sunny.... absolutely perfect for a human walrus).

Anyhow - don't get too concerned... nobody's going to mistake me for a callow youth, and I'm never going to get thin enough for people to think I have any flair for interior design.

Oh... and george Bush is visiting India (the non-signatory to the NPT which developed clandestine nuclear weapons and took the CIA completely by surprise when it did its first test) while his she-male Secretary of State hisses through that massive gap in her front teeth, at Iran (a signatory to the NPT) about Iran's development of a nuclear ENERGY capability. Bush meanwhile is in India to seal the deal for the sale of enrichment technology to India that will enable them to divert their existing NON-MONITORED enrichment equipment towards plutonium production.

I wonder if, when Bush visit's Ghandi's tomb, we will actually be able to hear the creams of existential agony that the universe will utter. The ignorant savage Bush, who probably thinks Ghandi was the guy who led the Indians in the battle against Custer, disgracing the tomb of a genuine man of peace. If you're not a red-meat no brain Republican redneck, you will have no words to describe the feeling of utter disgust that washes over you when you view that sort of false piety.

But back to the rather spiffing call from last night. Hooray for me!!