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Thursday, March 09, 2006

IndexRant (Yet Again): See How Not Hard This Is?

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At 10:05 the Dow futures were at 11035; ten minutes later they were at 11017. That's roughly equivalent to a 1.5 point S&P drop, which is the defined target. So now, if you had more than one unit on, you should only have one unit still running. In such a case, move stops to 'equity breakeven' (i.e., risking the gains from the first units) and see how it goes. It might end up being another 'nuthin' trade, but the gains on the first unit will prevent any actual pain.

Those with only one should have followed the 'one point and out' mechanism (for the Dow futures, 1 S&P point equivaleent is 10 Dow points)..