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Friday, October 27, 2006

nonRant: Heads Up, Citizens. He Is Risen...

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Bet you were worried that I was going to blather on about Jeebus or something, weren't you? Come on... were both smarter than that!

You miss things. Things that some folks might not think are important.

  • Watching Alan Didak give the man on the mark the sniff, and then slot it from just inside 50 (never from the wrong pocket though - Malthouse is too good a coach for that, since he knows Didal has no right foot).
  • Sausage rolls. Sure, there's only about 4 molecules of actual meat in them, but what is better while wawtching the aforementioend Didak?
  • Pies. That's what. And not the beloved Carringbush - the good old Aussie maggot-bag. No sauce (I'm not a girl).
  • Dennis Bloody Commetti (or, more accurately, Mav's impression of Commetti)... "Buckley now... moving through the half-forward line... right foot looking for Didak... centimetre perfect. Didak... marks in front of (whoever). Didak now..."
I could go on, but I can see you're bored.

One thing I have missed recently (for reasons known only to me and the staff at the Legion headquarters at Castelnaudaray) is blathering away on this "blog" thingy. My Excel macros still work, as I discovered when I tried to fire them up today. And with US and global "investors" showing all the investment selectivity of an infantry battalion on the march,  and with the helocopter Fed pumping in good-sized gobs of repurchase dough every session, I reckon it's time to uncork the full bottle again. Maybe tomorrow - you will have to check back.

Then again, maybe I won't.

Maybe tomorrow I will just post those photos of the house, and the swans, and the downstairs fireplace. I've mentioned the downstairs fireplace before - which may seem odd, but it impressed the beJeebus out of me. It is over 6-foot high and 8-foot wide and is a single piece of basalt. It was carved into its current shape shortly before Columbus discovered the Americas.

Market wise, the thing is obviously expecting a future something like Richard Perle was expecting in Baghdad after the US invaded. Rose petals strewn in one's path, free blowijobs for anyone with dual loyalties... that sort of thing.

We are at a top of some significance. I have seen folks - folks that I respect, not sell-side shills - who think the Dow is going all the way to 13043. As I said, I have some respect for them (I say this because I don't want to be labelled anti-Khazar - which is what you should properly be called if you don't like Eastern-European riff-raff who call themselves Semites).

But they're wrong (the Dow 13000ers)  - at least for now. The Dow will hit its high within 2 sessions of today.

It's got nothing to do with the US elections, although the flood of dough from the Fed is certainly part of their "incumbent friendly" world view. Like all whores, they will get on their knees in front wof whoever is paying the bills at the time. Wall Street is the same - as the post-FOMC ramp always tells us. However the Street's use of the repo dough to goose markets is more Pavlovian - it has nothing to do with trying to please anybody in any political sense. Sure, they will fellate any political powebroker if it means an extra dollar for them, but they don't do it out of loyalty to one or other Party.. .all they care about is that the person they are fellating is in POWER.

Recent news has been itneresting.

So "values" Republicans are teen-baiting poofters. Are you seriously shocked? If so, all I can say is... wait until someone wrotes the "tell all" about Bush and Blair. You just KNOW someone's got the photos, which is why Shrubbie and BLiar do exactly what they're told. And don't be shocked if poor old Ruddock keeps doing exactly what his handlers would like - I am sure that there are photos and videos (not of him) that he would prefer weren't published.

But I digress. often. All the time, in fact.