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Monday, January 15, 2007

TestRant: Test

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In case it's not clear from the headline, this is a test. I'm pretty sure I've lost all historical posts stored on blogger. Fortunately I have the original raw HTML version of each post on my hard drive.

It never rains, but it pours. Last Thursday I discovered (via an involuntary and impromptu experiment) that red wine is not very good for keyboards. Like a dunce I spent far too long trying to get the spill-affected keyboard to work again - and succeeded, with the exception of space-bar, F2 and one other key that I never use. Closer (internal) inspection revealed that the affected keys lay on the same circuit (the interior of a modern keyboard is very interesting - two sheets of clear PVC withe circuitry laid out on them, with a third clear sheet between them; press a key and you force the upper and lower sheets into contact. Very neat. Anyhow, the circuit which joined F2 and spacebar was obviously breached (acid in the wine etching off the circuitry) even though it didn't look like the paths had actually been severed.

So anyhow... NOW I have a new keyboard, and I don't like it. No Sir, I don't like it at all. the screen navigation keys (Home, end, and the arrow keys) and Insert/Delete are in a different place to what I'm used to, and it makes typing very slow.

And now I think I've lost the Blogger versions of my posts. Ain't that jes' Jim-dandy.