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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Layout Drift - 50% Complete

Note - from June 24th 2009, this blog has migrated from Blogger to a self-hosted version. Click here to go straight there.

So. I've gotten some of the way to reverting the layout back to the old-fashioned version; I am trying to get the bits I liked from the new version integrated (the way the archive list was nested, for example). I also want to bring back the RantLinks that were on the left-hand sidebar... but do you think I can find anything with them in?

Update: 1.25p.m. CET: as can be seen, the old-fashioned primal MarketRant header is back up, and in the process I've managed not to lose any of the newfangled 'widgets' that provide links to Google news and AdSense adverts. I've even managed to keep the groovy little gizmo that enables folks to preview the content of embedded links (although not for the little JavaScript gizmos that open a RantBox if you click on an Index Code or Stock Code).

I will waste another chunk of this afternoon trying to slot in the remaining bits of the old-fashioned Rant layout. It is my fervent hope that by the time I am done, the only evidence of the Rant's absence will be the lacuna in the post-stream... that is, all other aspects of Planet Rant will be unchanged.