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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

TootRant: Citi To Slash Dividend...

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From time to time something just jumps out at you. and seems so screamingly obvious that it can be expressed almost as a coda

Consider this piece of braininess from January 7th's OzRant:

Citibank stopped people from withdrawing their full whack from its ATMs recently... explaining that some ATMs had been hacked.

Yeah, right... why only Citi? I smell a corpse in their accounts, and a need to retain cash to keep within regulatory guidelines.

Another bullseye for your Beloved Rant. The Wall Street journal is now reporting that Citi will announce a steep reduction in its dividend, and another massive lump of writeoffs (tens of billions of dollars) and yet more sackings.

And to think that the CIBC analyst (who is an absolute stunner, and is married to a professional wrestler) got absolute buckets tipped over her when she declared - back in November, that Citi was in trouble. People were mocking her marital choices... I hope she has sent a broadcast "See? I'm not just a pretty face whose hubby is called Death Mask." e-mail to all who doubted her (I had not read her note when I wrote about Citi recently).

I love the fact that the only analysts worth reading seem to have moderately atypical personal lives: I think it points to a tendency towards heterodox thought, which, coupled with even a moderate intellect, will always beat a genius who is part of a herd.