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Saturday, February 16, 2008

CraftRant: Guard and Comfort All Your Brethren...

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It's the weekend, so I thought I would devote a half hour to blathering on about something I think is interesting.

That something, is the amazing tendency of people unconnected with a thing, to be able to divulge that things deepest mysteries to whoever happens upon their site.

Yes, I'm banging on about Freemasonry again (or more accurately, about anti-Freemasonry).

I make no bones about my membership in what we refer to affectionately as the Craft; I make no bones about membership in orders affiliated with that same fraternity (Mark, HRA Chapter, Ark Mariners, and a couple of others that I won't mention... only to annoy you).

Still, I would like someone - Mason or otherwise - to explain two things to me, given a little documentary that I just watched online...

  • How it is that in all my time in the bowels of various Masonic orders, I've never once met The Devil? and
  • How come nobody let me in on the Great Hidden Conspiracy to Control the Universe?
In particular, I want an answer to the second question.

After all, it makes one feel a bit left out if there is all this World Domination going on and nobody asked me to join in the plunder of the sheeplike masses. I'm a bright lad - I could be of great use to the Forces of Darkness (asuming that I could be arsed doing nefarious deeds if there was something good on telly).

For example, if controlling the universe required the solution of a particularly hard sum, where the amount of good stuff had to be divided into the number of bad guys... and it didn't divide easily (I can do remainders, you know... and even fractions).

And even as regards point 1 above - how come I didn't get an intro to the Big Bad Dude? I paid my lodge dues, I turned up, donned the regalia, did the little dances, sang the anthem, ate in the South... and nary even a mention of the Horned One.

Seriously, I begin to wax wroth. I had better be made privy to AT LEAST the identity of the AntiChrist before I finish writing this... hang on... the phone.

Aaaahh. It's ME. Well, I'll be - I'm the AntiChrist. I never saw THAT coming.

Seriously though - I tire of these "exposés" of the multi-tentacled global octopus that is going to grab stuff off the Good and give it to the Great. Everybody knows about that already - it is called politics and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the Craft.