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Friday, February 01, 2008

TootRant: CCI Divergence, then Down She Goes...

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Check out the little chart (for some reason my proper charts have fallen over, so I've had to cobble together a copy).

This morning's OzRant said:

in the short term it will suffice to short intraday %RMA overbought for scalps (5-6 SPI points; 2-3 S&P points), with no underlying position; an underlying short will probably be declared late tonight during the US session once the S&P makes a CCI divergence (and you just know it's gonna).

Well, the bloody CCI diverged at the same time that the bloody MA of %R became overbought (using my very strict rules), and the bloody short position and the bloody scalp short were initiated at the same time. The scalp is now off (targe was only 3 points, remember).

Bloody is not a bad word in this context - I am trying to sound like Brian Brown.

Oh yes... the chart...

S&P Futures Intraday Chart
How good am I?