Interdum stultus opportuna loquitur...

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

NonRant: Let's See...

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Where to begin, alors?

It's all very well to bang on about how I keep dropping off the face of the planet, but being a composite entity can be moderately challenging. One of me is reasonably reliable, one is a bit on the twitchy side, and the core IU hasn't contacted its parents in over two years. And one of us is dead; sadly he will not be missed.

Suffice it to say for the moment, that the long-awaited reincarnation of our beloved gtmarketanalytics site is - once again - awaiting DNS propagation, and once that is done I intend to redirect all blog readers to a WordPress install on the site. That's probably a really very stupid thing to do, because next time we face a cyber-assault the blog will go fratz as well (although that has already happened once). Over time we plan to create a range of virtual dramatis personae, geographically and cyberspatially dispersed, who can serve as conduits for our genius whenever we get targetted for speaking ill of "Israel" or that fat pig Sharon (whose headache continues... we just hope he is in as much pain as the parents of the children he killed).

As well as the AdSense ads, we will sticky-tape a PayPal donation thingo in the blogspace tomorrow. Depennding on the relative largesse of the global Rantophile comunity, we will

  • post real-time signals in a nifty popup box that our core IU has builded wif his own brains; or
  • post ex-post-facto results of the aforementioned brainiac-icity.

We live in a world where dualism (as epitomised by Gnostic principles) absolutely dominates. On the one hand the world shows its respect for beauty and gentleness, and rewards people who come up with ideas like ICanHasCheezeBurger?; a site which lifts our mood within thirty seconds of clicking on the bookmark. On the other hand the universe is very slow to correct obvious mistakes, like the continued existence of subhuman scum like US President of Vice, Dick Chicanery. His own heart has tried to reject him a few times, and he has yet to be infected with any well-deserved Ebola variants. Much as we love ICanHasCheezeBurger?, the continued existence of Dick "dick" Chicanery seems an unforgiveable oversight.

Let's see where that gets us for the moment.

Your Beloved GT