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Sunday, August 03, 2008

NonRant: Scylla versus Charybdis...

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Before I go off on a tangent, two things bear telling: first, that Gangajang's "This is Australia" ought to be a National anthem (probably of Australia), and second, that Stewart Copeland was really a hell of a drummer. He probably still is. Phil Collins during the Brand X days was amazing, but always more likely to find favour with technicians (kind of like Cesar Zuiderwig from Golden Earring on "Brother Wind"). Copeland's drumming is just cool - a bit like Dave Grohl's drumming in the bridge on "No One Knows" (by Queens of the Stone Age).

And now onto meatier issues...

Life doesn't often throw up genuine moral quandaries; any chap half-conversant with his Paine, Mill, Aristotle and Proudhon knows bad when he sees it, and is not remotely tempted to the Dark Side simply as a matter of expedient.

So imagine how odd I have found it to be in a position to have to justify calling the Dogs of the US State down upon the head of someone - albeit someone who deserves everything that comes to them. Doing so was the resolution of a clash of fondly-held principles: (1) despite and contempt for all instruments of State, versus (2) the protection of The Lovely and maximising revenge for harm caused to her given that "sabres at dawn" is now no longer a legal option.

No contest - The Lovely is a Sacred Cow. (moo)

Speaking now of He Who Is About To Be Gitmo'd... From the outset it's clear that someone whose biological father played no part in their life is behind to start with. Throw in an addle-brained brother and a body that measures 5-foot-six in thick-soled runners, and you have a recipe for short-man syndrome coupled with an insecurity that stems from paternal abandonment issues. All in all, reasons for pity rather than scorn or contempt. But there you go - sometimes scorn triumphs over pity when the pitiable behave in a manner that merits contempt.

anyhow, this little fellow decided to attack me by undermining the career of The Lovely, so let's just say that a desire to do ill to this cretin has percolated in my 6-1 frame for some months now. Since - to my dismay - homicide is frowned on as a technique for personnel management, I plumped with fighting hypocrisy with hypocrisy.

So imagine - a chap who decries the Military Industrial complex and who subscribes to Amnesty International, and who babbled about how badly the gendarmes treat the Maghrebains... such a chap then trying to use the Froggish gendarmes as his personal thug squad, is both funny and silly.

Anyhow - the odd thing is, that this fellow resides in the US, having not told the authorities there that he made several trips to the Soviet Union as a kiddie, and what is more he was so moved by Marx's falderol that he joined the Communist Party of the USSR {leave aside that anyone with half a brain who reads Marx identifies it immediately as unworkable trash}, Thereafter, he and his American wife showed solidarity with their fellow-travellers in Cuba by going there (in violation of the US embargo in the case of the wife - and in violation of the US immigration act in not declaring it when he went to work in the US).

If it all stopped there, then we have adolescent idiocy (adherence to Marx) and violation of a liberty-violating embargo... both laudable things (adolescent idiocy should be compulsory).

The bloomer was to then adopt the Statist position when he decided I was not taking him seriously enough.

Imagine - failing to declare an embarrassing childhood fascination to a group who are now among the most virulent imprisoners-of-foreigners on the planet. A pretty serious violation of two sets of law that I personally abhor (the US Immigration Act and the PATRIOT Act), but which I have decided to deploy as tools of convenience.

I seriously wrestled with my inner maniac for weeks before deciding that if one is faced by an adversary who justifies the means by the ends, then it is only fitting (if morally repugnant) to permit them to taste the bitter fruits of such a strategy.

And thus we can be forced to become what we hate. This is the start, and every year between now and 2050 will see me generate some further dreadful event.