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Thursday, August 07, 2008

NonRant: USRant Might Be Late Today...

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Tonight The Lovely and I have been invited to a bit of a soirée in the village - a bit of dinner and what-not with our dear chums the sisters de Lavernay along with some of their friends.

As a result, there is a goodly chance - given that we're slated to arrive at 8:20 p.m. French time - that we won't be home before midnight (and perhaps a bit later).

For Strayan viewers that won't be too much of a hardship, since if the USRant is published at 1 a.m. French time it equates to 9 a.m. Strayan time (unless clocks have changed while I wasn't looking), so you will find that the day's steaming pile of USRant is in its usual Rant-hole on teh internets tubes well before the Strayan market open.

And given that I have never mastered the idea of drinking slowly and politely, doubtless I will be Ranting Under the Influence, so who knows - it might even be entertaining.