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Monday, October 06, 2008

TootRant: 200 intraday and more to come...

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Well, not too bad for a bear - as you will see if you scroll down to the previous post, the long position was initiated at 9790ish (actually, it was initiated slightly lower, but let's not quibble as to precisely how much of a genius your beloved GT is).

This is not a permanent state of affairs, but of course there will be follow-through, so I have not closed the position.

I mentioned in the post that there would be at least 200 points of profit in the trade, and that's already been done. Now we'll think about moving a stop to break-even, and letting this thing ride for what will prbably be another 200-300 points in the next two days.

I apologise to those who subscribe to the intraday signals - I have no option but to broadcast the signals at the moment, because I don't have access to the list manager. Still, it's not like it's a hardship to have a live bookmark to ths blogg... after all, this post weathered 200-odd points of negative excursion, but if you know me you'll know that I just ain't wrong too often... thus far it's $1k per contract in the pocket without even having to pay the $250 to subscribe... you lucky buggers.