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Monday, January 19, 2009

NonRant: They're Not All Stupid...

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Sometimes it's easy to forget that from time to time there is a person - with a real, functioning brain - behind the mouthguard-type over-whitened dental implants on the over-coiffed, dyed and primped teleprompter-readers on CNBC and Bloomberg.

Dylan Ratigan earns my respect for this tirade: in fact I declare his outburst to be... Rant-worthy (despite the fact that Ratigan didn't drop an f-bomb, he is clearly really very passionate about what has gone on.... although he didn't see it coming and we did.

{And yes, I know - Ratigan is more handsome than me, but I am more smarterer... and deadlier}.

Anyway - this is really enjoyable to watch. Spend three entertaining minutes (and you will see that some of the BubbleHeads know precisely who to hate):