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Sunday, April 19, 2009

NonRant: Bifurcation...

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The best things in life are free. That's not just a sappy lyric from Luther Vandross - it is also true for those of us who decide to fully embrace 'cryptanarchy'.

The first thing you're going to want is a good VED (virtual encrypted disk) with all the bells and whistles - encrypted operating system, 'decoy' decrypted drives, hidden volumes and operating systems, with remote keyfiles.

Thankfully, TrueCrypt is free - and it does everything I just mentioned, and more. 

So you could have a Micro-SD card with all of your anti-government stuff on it. The MicroSD card would not be bootable, but you could easily have a 'plain vanilla' bootable USB key with a TrueCrypt partition - but it's best to keep your data physically separate from your OS as well.

Using this mechanism, stuff that you need to store locally so that you can work on it (e.g., the latest version of your 'overthrow the government' manifesto) can be super-secure: the odds of penetrating an individual security measure on a properly-setup TrueCrypt volume is (roughly) the inverse of the square of the unfunded government obligations of the United States (i.e., 100,000,000,000,000-2), and each additional security measure is multiplicative, not additive.

What about interactions with the rest of the world? There is inbound and outbound traffic that you don't want to be traceable - if you're procuring the services of a hitman, for example.

In that case, you're going to need to know how to 'cloak' your interaction with the world - or at least, that portion of your interaction that would draw the attention of the jackbooted thugs that enforce government violence.

To begin with, you need a secure, anonymised connection - JAP (Java Anonymised Proxy) or the TOR network (or for those who like their comms super-duper secure, I2P. All three are super-secure, so long as you don't do dumbass things; all of them are free.

You also need to investigate FreeNet, which encrypts content and stores it 'distributively' - storing an encrypted version of your stuff on thousands of different computers, to be retrieved by users using a public keyphrase. That way, if your your own encrypted copy of stuff is seized, copies of it will be easily retrievable. As the name implies, it is free.

To send encrypted communications between your anonymised e-self and your anonymised e-buddies, you can use gnuPG (never use PGP) as the encryption algorithm, or you can simply use Freemail within FreeNet (do not be misled by other things with the same name - only FreeNet's Freemail is to be trusted).

Want to blog in a way that can' be taken down if you mention the racial-supremacist psycho apartheid 'state' of 'Israel' with anything other than fawning condescension? Just use the FreeNet implementation of ThingamaBlog and establish a 'flog' (freeNet blog) [note - no link - you have to be within FreeNet to get access to this].

Want to run an online forum which is only accessible by you and your mobster/druggo/anarchist buddies? You need a touch of Frost, which is part of freeNet (and is FREE).

You can even run an entire website, all of which is hosted via FreeNet's virtual encrypted distribution. For this you would need JSite. IT's also included i freeNet (and so is FREE).

Bringing it all together is Syndie.

Now it must be remembered that in doing this you will be 'compartmentalising' your life into two bits: well-behaved citizen X, and underground radical Y.

All of your radical stuff lives in its heavily-encrypted TrueCrypt volume - the site files for your jSite, the blog posts for your flog, the databases for your Frost forums, and your e-mail storage boxes. Likewise, separate instances of apps are required... install PortableApps within the encrypted volume (contains every app you will ever need - from an Office suite to a Media player... and of course it's FREE).  

None of this is ever opened from within the same operating system as your Citizen X life (Citizen X boots WinXP from the primary HDD, Radical Y boots Ubuntu from a TrueCrypt USB key... MAC spoofing just in case).

RadicalY calls for the death of the state thug who killed Jean Charles de Menezes, and contributes money to a pool specifically designed to make it happen. Meanwhile Citizen X plods along, occasionally getting worked up (within boundaries) over some issue or other.

People like Radical Y believe in Liberty, and reject compulsion by the state (whether through the mob rule of 'democracy' or more overt thuggery). They declare the right to use defensive force of whatever degree, in order to make the State and its armed goons cease their activities. Their ultimate aim is the complete downfall of the system of violent thuggery that killed 250 million innocent people and conscripts last century. 

If I was going to bet on which side will win (State thuggery versus Radical Y and his pseudonymous e-chums), I would side with the radicals, since even mainstream people are beginning to realise that the 'powers that be' did not change when the Magic Mulatto ascended to the throne. 

People who were previously Citizen X through-and-through, are now alive to the idea that the political system is a parasite on human society, and we would all be better off if we got rid of everyone from Obama and Sarko down through Geithner and Bernanke and right on down to the shitbird who killed Ian Tomlinson (the pool for this dick is already up to £1200 - and usually £3k is enough to get a job done).

Meanwhile, Citizen X will start writing about stock markets again... starting on Monday afternoon Australian time.