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Saturday, October 23, 2004

An Excellent Read... Insightful.

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Although the bloke who writes the story appears a little bit partisan (clearly a Democrat), he is right on the money as far as the explosive debt-trap dynamics are concerned. There appears little that can possibly save the United States from a Latin-American style meltdown. Not tomorrow, and possibly not even before the end of next week, but it's already in progress (and is not remotely reflected in stock or bond prices).

The US Deficit Death Spiral

CommonDreams (along with SafeHaven, TruthOut , CounterPunch , Strike The Root and LewRockwell) are my daily must-reads. They're less amusing than Fred On Everything but still well worth spending time reading.

Obviously, these sites have an anti-Government bias (and all are "progressive", socially - except Lew Rockwell).