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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Here's A Sensible Idea

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How's this for clever:

I've set up a free forum over at the Subscriber Rant (it's the first properly operational segment of MarketRant Pro, so don't get too excited just yet).
This will - I hope - overcome the problems I have had with tracking Comments and responding to them in a timely fashion. The problem here, is that I get an e-mail telling me someone posted a comment, but I can't tell which post it's on.
If you pop over to the new Forums area and register, you'll also be in the draw for one of 25 copies of The Elliott Wave Principle that I have to give away over the next few weeks. Only five will be given to FreeRiders subscribers.
There will also be some short-term "freebie" access to the other forums shortly - at present they are empty anyhow.