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Sunday, January 09, 2005

DataRant APEC: This Week's Data Releases

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Note that there are several data items from New Zealand for which there is no prior month data and no consensus - I've left those out entirely. How important could they possibly be?
Mon1130AustraliaDec ANZ Job Ads-na--tba-
Mon-JapanMarkets closed for national holiday
Tue1130AustraliaNov International Trade-$2.40B-$2.24B
Tue0850JapanDec Forex Reserves-na-$840.1bln
Tue1400JapanNov Leading Indicator (revision)-na-18.2
Tue1400JapanNov Coincident Index (revision)-na-10
Wed1130AustraliaNov Job Vacancies-na--tba-
Wed0850JapanDec Money Supply-na-2.1% y/y
Wed0850JapanDec Bank Lending-na--2.9% y/y
Thu1130AustraliaDec Labor Force350024500
Thu1130AustraliaDec Unemployment Rate5.3%5.2%
Thu0850JapanNov Current Account Surplus-19.6%y/y7.4% y/y
Thu0850JapanNov Trade Surplus-na-10.1% y/y
Thu1045NZNov Dwelling Consents-na--tba-
Fri0850JapanDec CGPI (mth/mth)unch0.1%
Fri0850JapanDec CGPI (yr/yr)1.9%2.0%
Fri1330JapanNov Industrial Output (revision)-na-1.5% m/m
Fri1400JapanNov Machinery Orders m/m3.3%-3.1%
Fri1600JapanDec Economy Watchers Index-na-45.3