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Sunday, January 09, 2005

OzRant: Dividend Calendar for Jan 10-14

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ASX Stocks - Dividend Calendar

I thought it best to move this back to the front page, bein' as how it applies to this week.

The Asia-Pacific DataRant will be on-site in about half an hour, showing this week's data releases for the region - and consensus estimates if they're available.

Monday, January 10
Stock Code Company Name Div (cents/share)
AFL Australian Pure 2
ORIPA Orica Ltd Prefs 2.5
SCF Southern Cross Fliers 238.23

Tuesday, January 11
Stock Code Company Name Div (cents/share)
NFD National Foods Ltd 10

Thursday, Jan 13
Stock Code Company Name Div (cents/share)
SNN Sonnet Corporation 1.5