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Monday, April 18, 2005


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Juse below I maintained that a purchase at 11:00 a.m. would have yielded a miniumum of 6 SPI points between then and now. I've already had one e-mail telling me that's not right.

GT - You've given readers a bum steer on the SPI bounce. The actual price at 11 a.m. was 3980, and the price half an hour later was 3993. That's a gap of 13 points GT, or can't you count? Good call ,but take credit for the whole move mate!!

cya Madigan

Thanks for making me feel like a goose - but in fairness I think it's OK to assume that traders can't get the point-to-point high for an exit. I will 'credit' myself with the 6 and the rest can just be 'padding' to ensure that I wasn't tilting the "track record" in my own favour.

For the record - the 10:30 print for the SPI was 3983... so the '6' can be claimed for either entry time.