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Sunday, November 20, 2005

PRORant: The Peeking Continues...

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Friday's USRant is below).

On Friday night I created 50 temporary logins to the MarketRant subscription site (also known as MarketRant PRO); those temporary logins will enable folks to have a look at a restricted set of the analytical tools and output that "RantPRO" provides.

I've deliberately disabled the bits of the site that concern

  • Commodities - a high-end, high-priced thing (US$150 a month) that is restricted to 25 subscribers and is nearly fully subscribed;
  • SPISpy - again, at $100 a month it's not for tyre-kickers, and it's limited to 45 people and is almost full;
  • the Valuation Tools sections of the Equities area (to restrict the time individuals spend playing around with the tools); and
  • the Index Summary bit of the Index area (which normally indicate an overweight-neutral-underweight Index weighting in a sector-basd portfolio with a 12-18 month view... not something I'm keen to give away for a one-hour viewing).

(In the light of the massive download traffic for ASX stock summaries over the weekend, that restriction turned out to be a good idea).

Still, there's plenty to peruse - I've tried to retain a genuine sense of the effort and technique embedded in the underlying 'machinery' while restricting some of the juicier bits and pieces. There will also be a new front page (I didn't get it implemented over the weekend), which will include things like a Short Report (which will indicate the 1-week, 1-month and YTD changes in short interest for shortable stocks) and an SPP Finder (which will search all ASX announcements for items concerning Share Purchase Plans; at present the embedded machinery only enables users to search for SPP announcements for a given stock or within a specific index).

Anyhow... like I said, there is a range of temporary logins (which I will kill off tonight) - they are:

TempUser01 through to TempUser50 ... the password is the same for each one - ANARCHY.

The usernames and passwords are case-sensitive; if you try to log in using one of them and get rejected, it just means that that username is already in use and you should try one with a higher number. I haven't bothered to write in special code to account for the temporary users, so attempted double-logins with the temp codes will simply tell you that the username/password combo is wrong.

The two bits of the site that you can view are at

ASX Equities Summary and Detail Pages


ASX Index Summary and Detail Pages

Note that with the Stock RantSelector you have to select both the Industry Sector and ASX Code. Likewise, with the Index RantSelector you must choose both the Index Type and the Index Code.

And once you've had a look, if you decide to subscribe you will want to go to the Subscription Page - on which I've left the 'Main Menu' bar intact so you can see the rest of the bits and pieces(but you won't be able to access them - boo hoo).

Note that existing RantForum members get a discount, as do members of ShareScene. At present there's no automatic price reduction for ShareScene members (since I haven't got access to their membership database) - the discount will be applied once ShareScene members get ShareScene management to send me an e-mail attesting to their ShareScene membership.