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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

BlabRant: Last Half-Scheisen Post - Promis

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I just s'posed I ought to tell folks that this weekend I am off to LONDON (my flight is 9:45 a.m. tomorrow morning, which means I have to leave Noisy sur Ecole (our country place) at about 6 a.m.)

For those of youse who realise what a trip to London means, let me just say


Now, I am sure that someone will find some way to piss on my parade, but from where I sit it seems very unlikely.

I keep going over stuff in my peanut-brain... Could it be? Could the sphincter-clenching pain be about to end? Could the ramifications of a $3000 tax-haven-establishing-fee saved finally be about to run their course? For the record, that was the worst decision of my life - saving $3000 off of a bill of $15000, with the result that my life gets the Gatorade Bottle of Doom jammed squarely up its Vord for years on end.

I should shut up now - this is getting a little too close to tempting Fate, which I will not do. Between the new venture that Thierry and I have on the burners, and the London trip (which should include a joyous denouement itself), the next half-decade should be a damn sight more cake-ridden than the past half-decade (I am over-egging the pain-pudding here... the 'red hot pokers to the groinal region' have only been applied for about three years)

This sounds strongly worded, but those of you who now know me will, in a short period, be saying "I know that bloke. No, really, I do. I used to read his crap from time to time, back when he was nobody." Some of you will add (honestly) "Good bloke. Very handsome. Chicks loved him."

Mavro, you know what I am on about, my Woggo amigo.

One thing I vow - we will continue to tear out pounds upon pounds of flesh from the nuffnuffs who want to be on the worng side of the SPI and S&P futures... and of course stock analysis is something I just dig the way a crack addict digs crack. It's something I do because I really, really LIKE it... So we will have many months of happy analytics yet tom come. don't you worry about that!