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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

CommentRant: OK... This Is How It Goes...

Note - from June 24th 2009, this blog has migrated from Blogger to a self-hosted version. Click here to go straight there.

Turns out that in order to keep some semblance of control over comments (i.e., to stop nerdlingers from posting crap about Viagra and badness 'cures' and such), I have to have yet another set of 'members'.

So, if you want to post comments, you will have to go through a sign-up procedure to create a Blogger login, then I will have to provide you with 'membership' of this blog. There have never been many comments apart from the usual "GT, You're SO HOT!" sand other stuff that everybody knows already.

So, as a way to pay homage to my rapidly-declining number of chins (back in Oz I was on my way to a third, but now I only have one-and-a-quarter), let me simply say that anyone who bothers to create a login will have pretty much untrammeled access. They probably won'tbe able to actually post, but they will be able to say whatever they like.

OK, OK... line up in an orderly fashion... don't push, there's plenty to go around.

Seriously though, if you have something to add, make sure you do so. When I am known to the world as The Brutal Tyrant, you will be able to avoid the death penalty solely based on any post to this blog (or anywhere else) even if you are disagreeing with me (after all, even a Brutal Tyrant would not execute the dim-witted).

Once I have established my Kingdom of Hell on Earth, my minions will be instructed that subscribers to RantPRO, and members of this Blog, are to be spared the red-hot pokers in the anal region (unless they specifically request it - I know that some of you are pretty funky).

A couple of folks have asked recently why they can't find the subscription page - the short answer is... It's a bit of a test. If you can't find it, you're not trying (or you're trying badly). If you/re not trying, you're not interested. Simple.

I will have another "Open Weekend" shortly, at which time everyone will get to take a look at the enhanced PRO offering. The timing depends on whether I can find a place that sells Sloe Gin this weekend; if so, I will spend part of next week unconscious, and given the requirement to'propagate' new bits of the PRO site, that might fdelay the OPen Session until the following week. Who knows (or dares to dream)?