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Friday, May 19, 2006

ForumRant: Don't Blame Tirkey...

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The RantForums were corrupted by the usual wank-driven "look what I can do" script-kiddies - the sort of thing that is the criminal-mastermind equivalent of breaking off Mercedes "tri-points" and then jerking off with your friends over it.

In this case, the "hackers" claimed to be Turkish and Muslim... all that tells me is that there are a bunch of complete wankers who claim to be Turkish and Muslim. It tells you nothing else.

Doubtless they all have sort wrists from tugging themselves half-blind following their "victory", but frankly it is such a minor inconvenience (deleting some script code, and tightening up the use of the PHP command "stripslashes") that it's actually sad.

Imagine if you styled yourself as a "teen hacker", and that mateurish rubbish was the best you could do: something that takes 5 minutes to fix, and ten minutes to permanently prevent. It basically means that you're a bit of a failure as a "hacker" - especally when you consider how good the REALLY good hackers are. *Note - "lesgerek" - you are about to find out. Call it a "cybercontract").

So, "lesgerek", prepare to have every PC you ever use, sent to heaven. You left footprint the size of Mavro's nostrils.

I noticed the problem when I permitted a new user yesterday, but I didn't fix it until just now - the forensic exercise of finding every trace that was left behind by this amateur little wanker (the better to massively disrupt the browsing life of him and everyone he has ever e-mailed) was something I did very very carefully.