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Thursday, May 18, 2006

PodRant II: Hang On Just A Sec...

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That's IT? All a 'podcast" is is a bloody link to a bloody MP3 file?


Well, as my Parisian mates often say, "Ils peuvent aller et s'enculer". (Hint: don't ask your French teacher what that means).

Here's a quick piece of required French for Rant-o-philes (the ladies in particular will LOVE this one... PodRant Number 2...

A short note for young players... you might the MP3 file is a bit 'shitbaggy' for a chappie whose fave Frog pop song is "Meme si" (a ludicrously sappy love duet, part in English, part in Froggish), but let me give you a tip that will last you a life time. These two words will advance you more than you could imagine. Hidden depths. Be able to spot them, and try to have them. If the madding crowd doesn't understand you, you're on the right track, young feller. Either that or you're a nutter like your old mate GT.

I note that feminists will point out that I only addressed young fellers... I am assuming here that all the young women are somewhere discussing make-up and other such shite, while a vanishingly small number of young lads will be ignoring the vast universe of "wrist exercises" available on various porn sites, and will wish to learn Wisdom. After all, there were no great Greek female philosophers... or were there? (I know the answer, and if you don't you should be flogged).