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Monday, June 05, 2006

SimplyRanting: Simply The Best....

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I mentioned "SimplyRanting" in a previous post - it's where I keep my more insane ramblings. My insne ramblings aren['t actualy very insane - any libertarian would recognise them the moment he got past all the cussin',

Which reminds me... the next instalment for SimplyRanting will be something about how 'descending into the vernacular' is not something that should be avoided by we anarcho-capitalists. Sure, the parasites who benefit from the status quo might be able to scare a few housewives by insisting that anarcho-capitalists swear too much, but frankly I think that everywhere outside Redneck Wonderland, the housewives are too smart to fall for that sort of shit. Housewives sweart a blue streak when nobody's watching.

What I am sayin' is "Fuck politeness." We are in a battle for the future of civilisation, and the enemy is not Osama (he could not give a flying rat's ass if the West made it compulsory to put "Fuck" on every school uniform... he just wants Whitey to fuck off out of his back yard).

No, the enemy of our way of life includes the Cheneys, the Ken Lays, the Tom de Lays, the Jack Abramoffs, the Noes (you haven't even HEARD about that one yet), the Bushes and their parasitic ilk. (I don't even MENTION Blair, because he is an archetypal 'follower' - he could nbot have an original idea without getting a fax from Washington).

Apropos of that, here is what I wrote on SimplyRanting way back in April 2005:

Control the images on the news, and you control public perception. Control public perception and you will never get a big enough "push" to call politicians to account. Over time, the major media learned that to continue to get access to these things, you had to have a compliant journalist (the sole exception being Helen Thomas, who is jewel).

Apart from that, the reason Bush is not being impeached (while Clinton was for nothing apart from perverting the course of justice... at least the death toll there was only 2 o 3)... that he and his family have at least as much dirt on senior Democrats, as they have on him. It's Mutually Assured Destruction - the Cold War in microcosm.

Everybody - on both sides of the aisle - knows that the photos taken during the Reagan years, of senior politicians engaged in sex with young boys - some under the age of consent - are in somebody's possession. And they know for a fact, that the "somebody" in question has therefore got the entire Congress by the short hairs. Why do you think that nobody cares about the Palestinians? Because there's a risk that Mossad has managed to acquire copies.

There are some politicians around the place who are prepared to talk about this - mostly in "Axis of Evil" countries. The unofficial spokesman for North Korea refers constantly to the "Transatlantic Homosexual Clique" by which he means Bush. Blair and their coterie.

So why would I believe someone who is hand-in-glove with a dictator? Simple - because dicatorships are freer than most democracies... under Pharoah (probably the most oppressive dictator of all time if you got on his wrong side), tax rates were 20%. (It's in the Bible). I would much rather pay 20c in the dollar and know thatthe bloke in charge would shoot me traight in the head if I said anything bad about him, than pay 50c in the dollar and have the bloke in charge smile sweetly and organise for me to be grabbed up and sent to Gitmo.

With dictators, you know where you stand, and only agitators face oppression. it's the bastards who pretend to give a fuck about you, that you ought to be really worried about.