Interdum stultus opportuna loquitur...

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Oh Yeah: It's ON, Baby...

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Despite significant non-Rant soucis, I continue to find silver linings.

First and foremost, I've got my bloody page back (Blogger had seen fit to hand it over to some folks who wanted to extend the reach of spam even further than it has already gone).

Do you realise what this means?

You will find out soon enough.

One of the things which has had me somewhat deçu for almost the last year, is that Blogger gave my beloved MarketRant away. I did what I could to get it back - I pleaded, I swore, I swore some more, I swore some more... I swore some more... I harangued the scumbags who stole my beloved URL and fill it with a spamblog... I swore some more... then I gave up.

And today a long-time reader, out of the goodness of his heart, let me know that the URL was shown as "Not Found" on Blogger.

So I was in like a rat up a drainpipe, as they say in Jerilderie.

OzRant coming tomorrow morning.

Oil near $100, Euro eyeing USD1.50, Gold above $800, subprime sludge dragging the wanking sector into the toilet where they belong... all we need is for the S&P to dive back through 1264 and everything will be OK.

I got MarketRant back! I am, like, totally psyched 'n shit?

Over the next little while, I plan to drift the layout back to what it was in the good old days - I have to find an old CSS file.

Next thing I will get a full backup for RantPRO!