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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

NonRant: Trying To Polish A Turd...

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EDIT [7:05 p.m. Froggish time]:The Lovely has declared that I ought to make it clear that Muscade, Canelle and Nuage (Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Cloud... the three kittens) were more than half-formed before we decided that the sterilisation of Minuit (Midnight - their mother) was our responsibility. Minuit was sterilised ten days after the Three Sisters made their arrival. Just to be clear - we do not extend our laissez-faire ideology to irresponsibility in pet-parenting (but I personally will not be a party to abortion or infanticide in animals who can't declare their opinion). What's more, Minuit - beloved as she is by us, with her lovely blue-green eyes - is not actually ours.

And now back to the original...

A reasonable amount of hard thinking has gone into the building of the two Rants (OzRant and USRant), but regardless of that I am always keen on increased efficiency even if it means yet another layout rework.

A person who sent me an e-mail made the very sensible observation that much of the material could be tabulated with some sort of selection mechanism - i.e., a set of tabs like | Dow | S&P | Nasdaq100 | with the winners and losers in tables that popped up or otherwise made their presence known, only if clicked on.

That's a good idea.

I've built a thing that will actually do that in a pretty nifty and visually pleasant way, but I am not going to implement it in RantWorld it until I get the subscription site back into full swing. I have been monumentally lazy on that recently - with some justification... first there was Biggie's blindness, and then Minuit/Midnight (the next-door neighbours' black kitten who adopted us) had three kittens. And anyway, the due diligence that is being done on the site doesn't require it to be active - just for the development program to be proceeding according to plan (Ahem... I need to get my shapely butt into gear I think).

I would have preferred for subscription revenue to have been coming in, of course... after I sell off part ownership I will also have to share the revenue (drat).

Anyhooooo... I had better get back to coding up the very impressive new ASX Index Summaries - they need to be done, tested and forwarded for evaluation by Thursday (if my increasingly-hard-to-keep-to development timetable is to be believed).