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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SPIRant: Exited 3435

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Exited primarily because of frustration at having been s stupid as to make a keying error on the bloody entry. It will almost certainly turn out to have been a early exit, since I do think that there is life in the long side yet. If SPI presents another %R oversold today I will probably jump back in.

Note - exiting the long does NOT mean a reversal back to a short - I might re-enter long a bit later.

Crude trade up just under two hunjie per contract... nice, but it's a pain during the US overnight (thin and sloooooooow)

As an aside, I am torn as to whether we should say 'hunjie', 'hundie' or 'hunnit' as our cool web hip 21stcentury Web2.0 slang term for 'hundred'