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Thursday, April 30, 2009

NonRant: The More the Merrier...

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Australia is fast approaching US-like levels of media thrall to 'Israel'-i interests. Now we have the ghastly spectacle of the Ziocons trying to canonise Richard Przecicki (aka Richard Pratt) - an adulterer, a colluder in price-fixing, and a liar-under-oath.

But hey - he was one of The Chosen, and he was rich - so let the hagiography begin.

My take on it is different - any time a zionist gets put in the ground, humanity is a little bit better off.

It defies belief that anybody could adhere to the ludicrous racial-supremacist bullshit of Zionism (which was founded by, and is adhered to by, Eastern European peasant scum who have no link whatsoever to the 'Holy Land').

I've said before - anybody who claims that an Invisible Sky Wizard gave them the right to murder, pillage and steal, is in the same mental bucket as Charles Manson (he claims the same thing as Moses - that God told him to do stuff that involved bloodshed).

Przecicki was a zionist, and he's dead. I'm not specifically glad that Przecicki is dead - apart from the adultery and the fact that he was a crooked businessman (surprised?), I know little about the guy. Still, the death of any zionist makes my day just that teensy bit better. Zionism is a cancer on humanity - as is Talmudic Judaism.

Both stem from the same rancid root, which they share with the political parasite class.