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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

GMrant: Bite My Shiny Metal...

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The first time I pointed out that GM was a hollow log - that is, a Ponzi-like scheme with an intrinsic value of zero - was way way back in May of 2005. I reiterated in November 2005, and the last time I bothered to mention it was back in November of 2008.

And now, this... GM Shareholders...POOF!

A lot of people get to say "I told you so". but as with CDO's (April 2004 for your beloved GT) nobody was on the ball earlier than your resident chubby (but handsome) genius.

So, for the lurking semi-literate Frog schoolteacher 'chesters' (look it up) out there... especially those who think that 'anarchy' is inconsistent with free markets (i.e., the pig-ignorant ones): fuck you, short-ass - I just made a fucking FORTUNE.