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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RuntRant: Dwarf Rising...

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Note - correction to reflect that it was Runt-King's papa who was a Naszi collaborator, not his grand-pere (who was a Hungarian peasant... salt of the earth). And, had I been editor, 'aristocrat' would have appeared in quotation marks, or with a big [sic].

Son of Nazi collaborators and arch-Zionist, the Runt-King of France has been busted before in the 'artificial height-augmentation' department... le Canard Enchainé constantly refers to the fact that he wears heel lifts.

That's as may be - short men are renowned for being 'icky' about their lack of stature. For example, it's why Sarko is always willing to break a vow and move on to some other piece of fluff who let herself be handed around like a communal washrag by any Italian with a decent bank balance. (Not sayin' that tall men aren't also unfaithful at times, but with men the size of Sarkozy it is a pathology).

Can you say 'busted', M. le Roi des Nabots? Pauvre con.

And don't be surprised that an arch-Zionist supporter of the race-hate regime in Occupied Palestine would come from a collaborator's loins: the Nazi and the Zionists were best mates. Irgun (the terrorists led by Ben Gurion and Shamir) actually tried to volunteer to fight for the Reich against the Poms.